Our easy to use video app let’s you capture the best of your business and promote it through an affordable video marketing campaign!



Why spend a fortune on videographers,
camera equipment, or marketing agencies?

Enjoy the convenience of ‘one-stop shopping’ for professional-quality digital video content creation and marketing services with BitReel! Our all-inclusive, 3-step solution is fast, easy and affordable.

Digital Video Marketing Made Easy - Capture

All you need is your iPhone* and our free, easy-to-use app! No hardware add-ons or videography experience required.

Built with cutting-edge, proprietary technology, the BitReel app guides you step-by-step as you record video clips–or Bits–right on your phone, and corrects for human error (shaky hands, anyone?) along the way, empowering you to be your own videographer.

*iPhone 7 or later required. Android app coming soon.

Digital Video Marketing Made Easy - Create

Once you’re happy with the Bits you’ve captured, simply hit submit, and sit back and relax while our team edits and compiles the Bits into a complete, professional-quality video showcase–or BitReel–of one or more locations, events (you name it!) that you’ll be proud to share on your website, social media, or wherever you like (the final BitReel is yours to keep).

What’s more, since we think you won’t be able to wait to share your professional video marketing content, next-day delivery of your final BitReel is guaranteed!

Digital Video Marketing Made Easy - Campaign

Our team puts your BitReel to work, as part of a customized digital marketing campaign that reaches thousands of relevant viewers via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

You’ll also receive valuable feedback and analysis of your campaign at no additional cost.


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